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VCS History and Expertise

Driven by experience and common values.

Vertrauen Chemie Solutions is a leader in Chemical Outsource Manufacturing & Packaging with two ISO 9001-2008 certified factories in Texas and Tennessee partnering with major Industrial & Commercial clients.

Vertrauen Chemie Solutions was formed by the simultaneous merger of Quadrant Process Corp. and the acquisition of the Industrial Products Group of W.M. Barr & Co. This provided VCS a significant footprint and strategic advantage in the Chemical Contract Manufacturing Sector.

VCS Capabilities

Superior service for a wide range of industries.

Vertrauen’ s expertise is in flammable, reactive and corrosive products. This would include polyols, isocyanates (HDI, MDI, TDI, IPDI), solvents, amines, hardeners, and resins. Each of our facilities are approved to handle these types substances, as well as non-hazardous and aqueous solutions.

Our core competency is flammable, reactive, hazardous, and hard to handle liquids. The VCS business model provides our clients strategic flexibility based on their varying needs. VCS is fully capable to handle large volume EDI transactions, in addition to vendor owned managed inventory.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Experience, quality, service.

VCS is committed to manufacturing and delivering products of the highest quality and performance that exceed our customers’ expectations.  We will be good corporate citizens, respecting our stakeholders, and a positive influence in the community.

Our success is driven by our reputation with our customers. Manufacturing and delivering products of the highest quality and performance that exceed our customers’ expectations is how we maintain that reputation.We will be trusted, reliable, and known for excellent product quality and outstanding customer service.


Memphis, Tennessee Facility

Our Memphis facility specializes in neat blends and large production runs.  This facility also specializes in vendor owned managed inventory with large warehouse storage capabilities for finished goods.

  • 165,000 sf of manufacturing & warehousing
  • 750,000+ gallons bulk storage
  • Rail served
  • Lab & pilot scale batches to 6500 gal blend tanks
  • 15 filing lines
  • Filling sizes include tank wagon, totes, drums, pails, small bottles, and unique shaped sizes
  • OEM production capability
  • Fully equipped quality lab onsite with product and process capabilities
  • ISO 9000:2008 certified

McKinney, Texas Facility

Our McKinney facility specializes in complex processing including introduction of fillers and colors.

  • 45,000 sf of manufacturing & warehousing
  • Reaction products (quasi-pre polymers and adductions), complex multi-step processing, high speed dispersion, vacuum & pressure processing, stripping, heating & cooling, and introduction to pigments & fillers
  • Filling sizes include small bottles, cans, pails, IBC’s, isotainers, totes, and tank wagons
  • Fully equipped quality lab onsite with product and process capabilities
  • ISO 9000:2008 certified


ISO 9000 is a set of international standards for management and verification of sound quality management system. This ensures a high level of customer focus, leadership, engagement, continuous process improvements, effective statistical data driven decision making, and relationship management to create a mutual beneficially environment for the customers, suppliers, and other service providers. These ISO standards are a part of Vertrauen Chemie Solutions’ DNA.

Social Accountability

Experience, quality, service.

  • Represents the leading companies in the Business of Chemistry
  • Over 160 Member companies Majority of U.S. chemical production capacity
  • Unique industry EHSS self-regulatory program
  • 90 Partner companies: chemical transporters, distributors, logistics management companies
  • Vertrauen is a member of ACC and Responsible Care


+1 469 283 0789


Dallas, TX

McKinney Plant

200 Industrial Blvd.
McKinney,TX 75069

Memphis Plant

2170 Buoy St.
Memphis,TN 38113